History of the Institution:

(Educate with Educare in Educity)
Education is primarily the moulding of human being leading to a quantum change in the quality of the being undergoing this process. Educating the people to empower them with knowledge is the noblest thing to do in the world.”Educity College of Education” run by the “Kushmandi Educity Developing Trust” (KEDT) with a visions of creating highly trained professional manpower in various disciplines of educational training like as D.El.Ed, B.Ed, M.Edetc and other IIT, Engineering, Medical, Technologies. KEDT was established in the year 2013 with the mission of imparting the best quality education to all sections of society.

Vision of the statement:

To promote modest project consisting at the first stage to establish teacher’s training institute to provide opportunity to training in job oriented skills in the social-economic deprived areas. To create a center of excellence in the field of different type education and managerial & technical skills, comparable to the best in the world for creating professionals who shall be leaders in the innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Mission & Objectives:

  • To improve the quality of teacher education.
  • To develop among the teacher a feeling of dignity of labour.
  • To promote the cause of environmental protection.
  • To promote education among the weaker section including minorities SC/ST/OBC”S socially deprived section.
  • To promote the role of education for national and international integration.